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Our Story

The Lewis Family

Blue Jay Home Watch, LLC was established in 2018 by Kathleen & Todd Lewis. Kathleen is a lifelong Southwest Florida Resident, raised in Cape Coral. Todd migrated to Southwest Florida in summer of 2002 to avoid the long Wisconsin winters. The couple has been married for eight years and together have two grown children, Nathan & Rachel. They also have two adorable dogs, Samantha & Stewart.

Kathleen has a professional background in management, working for large companies in the area such as Sony Electronic Office of the President, as well as, Operations Manager for Xerox Business Services.

She grew up in a real estate family – her first job was summer painting and maintenance on properties since she can recall. “Mom always told me that she had me painting the base broads because I was the closest to the ground AND I did a better job at ten years old then grown men in the painting industry.” She fondly remembers spending the summer fixing up properties with the family, they paid well, and she received education on how to handle many projects – from painting to demo to sanding hardwood floors.

Todd has a professional background in warehouse management and has worked as the Volunteer Coordinator at the Harry Chapin Food Bank Naples for close to ten years.

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Company Mascot

The company mascot is a real Blue Jay. When the Lewis family moved from Cape Coral to Bonita Springs in March 2017; in the yard, of the new family home, was the most beautiful bird ever. His color is bright blue, brighter than a highlighter, even more, brilliant than other Blue Jays. Nicknamed Patrick and his wife, nicknamed Mable, were always seen in the large tree in the backyard.

Blue Jays are very territorial birds and will do anything to protect the nest, especially attacking anything that nears it, no matter the size. It was very fitting that Patrick take his place as the mascot for the company.

A few short months after moving into their home tragedy struck the Lewis family. Hurricane Irma hit Bonita Springs on September 10, 2017, and the Imperial River flooded the entire neighborhood for weeks. There were over four feet of water in the yard, over a foot of water in the home and the blue jay family tree was toppled over by the storm. The entire neighborhood was destroyed and every life, human and animal, turned upside down.

After the hard-fought cleanup, and just before leaving for the last time with what possessions that were salvageable, Kathleen spotted Patrick under the shade of the downed tree in the backyard. He had made it through the storm, but along with the Lewis family, they lost his home.

The Blue Jay family rebuilt their nest in a neighbors tree that was still standing and can be found today off Imperial in the old neighborhood. Meanwhile, Kathleen & Todd moved to Logan Woods area in Naples, FL. The location is beautiful and serene. They genuinely feel like they are finally home in Naples.